If there is one thing that can make studying time much more productive and motivating, without a doubt, it is the environment in which you catch up on the material and do your school, college or simply Homework. Despite being simple, setting up a STUDY CORNER is an essential task in the life of exam aspirants!


With that in mind, let's count every detail that you need to take into account to have a nice and functional study corner. 

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Have you noticed that, in schools, colleges or coaching institutes, there are several resources that make studying time much more comfortable? Believe me: you can also create a space like this at home, and this will help a lot in your organization of studies.


Want to know how to do this? So, take your notebook, as IDEA SUCCESSFUL have selected here some essential points for you to set up a perfect study place to do your coursework.

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Lighting is a mandatory item for a productive study. This is because, in the dark, the production of the sleep hormone tends to increase. With that, there is a great risk of sleeping in the middle of an online class( Also Read: How to maintain Discipline in Online studies) or while you finish doing a summary!


For this reason, taking advantage of natural light during the day is a great way to light up your study environment. But, in order to be able to study also on the coldest days or at night, it is worth investing in a lamp or lamp, to make your space more illuminated.



You certainly need books, your notebook, pens and even some materials specific to your course to study at home, don't you? 

And because of this reason, having a table in your study corner will make a big difference in your study!


In addition to helping you to have a support to read and make your notes more easily, it will also be useful to leave some of these items separate. Thus, you save time and make your study routine much more practical.



Spinal pain, back strain, lack of concentration ...(also Read: How to maintain Focus while studying) all of these problems can be avoided when you have a comfortable chair for your studies! And want a tip? Choose one that is suitable for your height and also compatible with the size of your table.




There is no way: books, handouts and printed papers from courses can take up a lot of space. Especially if you take a course that requires a lot of reading, such as Competitive exam preparation, Law and Education, having a place to keep the paperwork is essential!


Knowing this, investing in a bookcase is super valuable to make your place of study even more organized and complete. Doesn't a bookcase fit in your room or in the environment where you study? Smoothly! In that case, you can choose a niche in the wall or a more compact closet.


How to set up your study corner?

Now that you know what you need in your study corner, it's time to learn how to organize this environment in the best possible way, optimizing the space to increase motivation when studying and also to achieve even better results in schools & colleges. 

Come on!


Choose a quiet location

(Also Read: Study at Home:13 tips for success by IDEASUCCESSFUL)The first step in setting up your study corner is to analyze your home environments and choose one that is quiet and comfortable. If you do not find this space in your room, choose a part of a room that has a little movement of people and noise.


This is important because noise can often be one of the causes for loss of concentration.

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If you have to study in an environment where other people tend to carry out various activities, it is worth talking to those who live with you so that there is tranquillity in that place when necessary.


Put good lighting

Once you have a specific place to study, position your lamp so that the environment is clear even in times of low natural light.

It is worth positioning your study table near a window and placing the lamp over it. Thus, you can enjoy the sunlight during the day and have a well-positioned light source at night.


Have only the essentials for studies

Have you noticed that sometimes a notification on WhatsApp or the cover of a magazine can take your focus off? Yeah. It doesn't just happen to you. Distractions can get in the way of any student. After all, the attention that should be directed to the content ends up migrating to other things, such as mobile games, messages or recent news.


To circumvent this problem, the best thing to do is to stay away from distractions. Therefore, remove from your place of study everything that may hinder or that will not be important for your learning, keeping only what will be used close by.


Keep all materials at your fingertips

Do you know when you are completely focused on reading scientific articles for college, but you need to look for a highlighter to underline an important part? And when you are halfway through an exercise, do you miss a word and notice that there is no rubber around? You can confess: this has happened at least once in your academic life.


Despite being common situations, these interruptions in studies to search for some material can hinder their performance. So, leave everything you know you are going to use at your fingertips - and don't forget to have water nearby!


Now that you know how to set up your study corner in the best way, keep in mind, too, that it is necessary to keep this environment always clean and organized. Between us, nobody deserves to have to study in the middle of the mess. So, take a moment from your day to tidy up your books, clean your desk and take out the trash, like scraps of paper or pencil tips.


See how learning at home can be much more practical when you know how to set up a place of study the right way? So, apply these steps as soon as possible! Your productivity in studies will improve a lot after that.


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