This article is basically written for science stream students or those aspirants who are preparing for Engineering and Medical competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

However, with a proper understanding of this technique, you can apply it for other subjects also and aspirants preparing for other exams can also, reap maximum benefit from this technique.

To explain it clearly I will divide this article into several sub-topics  which will make it easy for you to understand

What exactly are Short Notes?

As the name itself talks its meaning. Short notes that is the short form of your detailed class notes which are the essence of your class notes and do exactly the same job that your class notes do.

In short, SHORT NOTES are simplified versions of your detailed class notes or textbooks.

Who needs Short Notes?

Anyone who needs a better understanding of concepts, anyone who wants mastery in a particular topic or chapter, anyone who want to memorize each and everything that teacher taught, anyone who just want drink topic, anyone who is a serious exam aspirant, anyone who is preparing for some of the toughest exams like NEET, JEE.

Why short notes making is very crucial?

First of all, we have to understand why short notes making is very important for aspirants.

 Preparing Short notes will help you to absorb the concept clearly and will give you unparalleled confidence for your exam in that particular topic which is more important than anything.

Not only this, when you are in the practice of short notes making from the first topic, you are developing your concept which helps you to understand other related topics.

I remember there was one student who prepared short notes for every chapter before the exam and it was roughly a few 50 to 60  pages for revision before the final exam. 

Don't you think it can give one immense sense of relief in your remind before an exam that you have to revise just a few pages, on the other hand, other students have to revise several notebooks and books.

Now just imagine how easy it is for that student to revise his/her whole syllabus within a few hours or minutes before the exam and just imagine the confidence he/she having while doing the exam.

SHORT NOTES can make your job of revision really quick, but you have to know when use short notes for revision when use class notes for revision.

I am damn sure after reading importance of short notes you all are eager to know correct way for short notes making and how to utilize maximum from this amazing technique of short notes making which can make your journey of exam preparation quite simpler.

How to prepare short notes

Preparing SHORT NOTES is an art in itself, and the beauty of this the art lies in its conciseness.

How concise someone can write short notes keeping in mind each and everything from notes or from textbooks is covered the better SHORT NOTES will be.

But how to achieve perfection in this art.
To explain this clearly I have classified SHORT NOTES making in 3 level


Level 1:- For 70% to 80% (Command on Topic)
Level 2:-For 80% to 90% (Command on Topic)
Level 3:- For more than 90% (Command on Topic)
Let's understand each level step by step


In this level basically, you have to cover all of your content from detail class notes which will help you to memorise the whole chapter in short and in brief.


1.      Divide one A4 size paper into 2, 3 or 4 columns depending on the nature of the subject. I recommend dividing it into 3 columns.

2.     Now after completion of Chapter right from the starting start note down in that A4 size paper if there is formula just simply note it down if there is some concept explained using some diagram then note it down using that diagram and use sign language so that when you revise you can understand that concept clearly.

3.  In this way note down all formula and all concept in that A4 size paper using SMALL and UNDERSTADBALE FONT.

This is level 1 of Short notes making


This level is a higher version of the first level and generally involved for those topics and those chapters where it is advised to read NCERT or some other textbook. If I talk about NEET and JEE aspirants they are generally advised to read NCERT in most of the topics.

In this level, we have to cover all important point from NCERT (where it is advised to read).

STEP 1 to STEP 3 Same as LEVEL 1

4.   Just after completion of everything from class notes  make a separate line and write there LEVEL 2 (this can be done in the same page if there is space left or in separate page mentioning the TOPIC name and written LEVEL 2 ) ( I recommend do it in separate A4 size paper),

Now you have to take NCERT or textbook and read it line by line and select all-important point or some different concept which was not discussed in class and you want to keep in mind just simply note it down in that A4 size paper.


This is the most advanced level of SHORT NOTES making which will shape your concept and problem-solving skill to a new height.

During preparation, most of the aspirants are enrolled with some coaching Institutes and there always have some routine PRACTICE TEST where we can find some different questions and some different concepts which we were not able to solve in that paper during that time.

If you are doing self-study then sometimes aspirants are enrolled in some test series and if you are not enrolled in any test series then also nothing to worry.

You all can solve previous years papers for your exams of which you are preparing or Previous years papers from some coaching institutes can also do the job.

The idea is we have to select those questions, those concepts which we were not able to solve in that paper during that exam,  if it was due to lack of revision then I would suggest first revise, but if it was because that concept was new to you or is possible that question was all of a new type and literally very beautiful concept involved in that and you want to keep in mind then it’s time to keep it in LEVEL 3 short Notes.


After Completion of LEVEL 2, you can make a separate column for LEVEL 3 or a separate A4 size paper for LEVEL 3 where it is clearly written LEVEL 3 SHORT NOTES.

All you have to do is keep those questions from previous years papers or from Practice test in this LEVEL 3 of SHORT NOTES.

You can write question number with the paper date so that later you can revise directly from paper or you can write concept involved in that question or you can write a complete question with a complete solution it completely depends on how much time is available to you.

It is clear that LEVEL 3 should be properly updated for each chapter means after completion of each practice paper you have to update LEVEL 3 of SHORT NOTES for that particular Topic or Chapter.

Now just Imagine before the final exam how much prepared you are, you have all concept all formula, and all-important point from NCERT or Textbook at one place, and not only this you have a collection of all those questions which you were not able to solve earlier all at one place.

Imagine the level of confidence you have.

Imagine the level of self-satisfaction you have.

Believe me, this Short Notes Technique can do a miracle in your preparation for any competitive exams.

How to make short notes in an online class

After COVID-19 outbreak globally mode of education become online in some or several parts of India and the world.

It’s obvious if games changes rule also changes.

And in the online mode of education, we have to change our Short notes technique by a little.

The concept is the same we have to make Short notes in 3 LEVEL just have to adapt a little.

It depends on how your online Class is delivered (Fell free to write in the comment box if you have some different method of online study)


If you are getting daily notes after completion of the class.

If your Teacher/Faculty is providing you detailed notes of everyday class in form of pdf or some other format, then you can directly use these class notes for SHORT NOTES making as already explained above using LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 3  techniques.


If your teacher is not giving daily notes

In this situation first of all you have to prepare notes from class, this you can do either together with a class or after completion of the class using recorded lectures.

After notes making you can go for SHORT NOTES-making technique already explained above using LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 3 techniques.

Well, might be possible you are studying using some other methods and are not able to make short notes, feel free to write in the comment box  I will assist you in short notes making.

Important Points to keep in mind while making SHORT NOTES

1.    Short notes making should be done after completion of Topic or Chapter

2.    It is highly recommended that try to complete SHORT NOTES just after completing of chapter or topic don’t keep it for later or don’t start SHORT NOTES when other topics already started. (This is most Important)

3.     Short notes should be complete in one A4 size paper maximum.

4.    Short notes should cover all formula and all important concepts.

5.    Some time one Short notes is just sufficient to summarize a topic or chapter but what I generally feel for aspirants for NEET or JEE that, they have to prepare short notes sometimes one time for some topic, and sometimes they have to write 2 to 3 times to make best Short notes. 
When you write 2 to 3 times the final result is amazing and that Short notes are already in your mind just you have to keep revising to keep that extremely interesting taste of that topic last till the exam.

6.    Short notes basic Idea is to absorb the essence of that chapter and memorize all formula involved in that chapter so LEVEL 1 short notes should be used for daily revision  (after Completion of Chapter)or during that time when you have to revise complete chapter fast.

7.       LEVEL 2  and LEVEL 3 SHORT NOTES should be revised by aspirants before every exam.

8.       During weekly revision Prefer Class notes together with Revision of SHORT NOTES.


It's not easy to prepare for one competitive exam and in times when the competition is very high, we have to prepare with proper strategy and with proper technique.

We don’t have time for hit and trial and understand what is good and what is bad rather follow some coach and accept what he/she is teaching.

I completely understand different students have different techniques for study and have the different capacities of learning but it is also true there are certain things known as universal.

Preparing SHORT NOTES is one of them.

After years of preparation when you adopt one method and your short notes are ready for each and every topic.

Just Imagine that Situation.

It's the day before the final exam and you are prepared enough, but exam anxiety is killing you and you just want to revise everything again and now you have your own short notes in your hand which is well written and only revising this you can revise everything.

Just Imagine the level of self-satisfaction of all the hard work you put throughout your preparation.

Imagine the level of confidence you feel.

Imagine how well prepared you feel.

Imagine the amazing marks you are going to score.

And this is all just because you follow one simple method throughout your preparation that is SHORT NOTES.

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