It’s all in the state of mind, but sooner or later person who wins is the person who thinks he can.
Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right, 
                                                                                                     Henry Ford
It has been told several times and written in several places about the importance of our thinking and it’s our thinking what we made of.

I have also mentioned Power of our thought in my previous article HOW TO MASTER THE POWER OF MIND( Click Here to read this article) but today I am going to write here to be a winner you have to think like a winner.

Everything starts from our thought, and if you want to be a winner in any field in any job you are doing you have to think like a winner, it can be thinking different from everyone, it can be to becoming among 1% or whatever name you say but need to think like a winner.

Because one thing is damn true
what mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve, 

So we have to think like a winner and need to act like a winner.

Rajnikant who was a bus conductor never thinks of himself as a conductor and that’s why he is today what he needs to be because he thinks like a winner.

I am not saying when you think like a champion/winner you are going to be a champion/winner, I am saying if you don’t think  you are a champion, you will not be a champion/winner.

You all are full with immense capabilities and immense power but if you don’t think you have those capabilities you can not achieve what you need to achieve in your life,  if you accept what you have you will keep getting what you have, you don’t extent yourself and result in getting what you are getting.

My several exam aspirants reader full with immense capabilities that they can become topper they can achieve unimaginable success but they don’t think they can.

Students who are getting 50 marks they think about 60 marks, similarly students getting 70 marks think about 80 and simply students getting 80 marks think about 90, What I am saying why students getting 33 marks don’t think about 100 marks?

Because if he never thinks he never going to get it.

Thinking like a winner does not guarantee you will be a winner but thinking like a loser guarantee you will lose.

Think you are successful
Think you are going to be successful
Think you are a topper
Think you are going to be a topper
Think you are champion
Think you are going to be a champion
Because if your thoughts don’t change your result don’t change.

You can not transform yourself unless you change your belief system, the way you look at things, the way you look at yourself, what you expect from yourself, what you want from yourself,  say yourself you are successful, say yourself you are champion, say yourself you are toper and this year only you are going to be a topper and believe Success is your only option.

It’s like it’s raining and you have a small container in your hand what will happen, rain will fill that container, and at the same time if you have a big container rain will fill that big container also,  it’s raining, god’s blessing is raining, success is raining, results are raining and we have to stand with the biggest container we have and let it be full.

When I asked everyone to think positive, think like a winner, most of them think positive for a while and later rest of the day they again start to think negatively. 

You cannot get positive result thinking positive few time and remaining time thinking negative, 
It’s like you can’t lose weight by eating healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast and then picking out on cake and ice cream for the rest of the day, look at the winner thinking in the same way.

Remember thinking like a winner, thinking like a champion it has to be your dominant thought pattern it has  to be your  natural thought pattern,
become aware of what you say to yourself all day we all have an internal voice, we talk to ourselves.

The Key is repetition you have to talk about this all day repeat this whenever possible, record your voice and listen it in your free time that I am the winner.

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I hope you all not letting this adversity go into vain, and you all are working hard to reap fruits of success when things will over.

Think like a winner and act like a winner, keep an attitude where you can solve the problem and think about solutions.

It is priceless to know that you can achieve your goal by putting your thought focused on a positive attitude, it’s true that you don’ get a result without action but action without proper thinking and focussed thinking will not give you proper results.

You have to be a believer to believe you are going to be the next champion you are going to be the next topper.

And I am sure you, yes you who is reading this will be the next topper.

You can and will accomplish your goal, just start thinking like a winner.

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