Did you know that our lifestyle has a great influence on success in studies and on exam day? Balanced meals have the power to improve our concentration, memorization, and even understanding of the topics studied. 

So today IDEA SUCCESSFUL  brings a a lot of food tips for students from all groups whether it is school going, or students preparing for any competitive examination like NEET, IIT-JEE, UPSC, SSC or any other exams!


Whoever is preparing for the entrance exam knows that the period can be quite tense - after all, the content scheduled to fall in the tests are extensive, and approval depends on the efficiency of the student in having everything on the tip of the tongue.

If what you eat can contribute to this process, why not invest in healthy eating? Follow IDEA SUCCESSFUL article and stay on top!


1. Beware of Diets

Basically, eating well means having 5 to 6 meals a day and keeping a distance from fried foods, sweets, soft drinks, and processed foods in general. However, beware of the myths about healthy foods.


In recent times, all around the world people used to talk about a low-carb diet. 

The principle of the diet is to exclude carbohydrates and eat, basically, fruits and vegetables.  

But you have to be careful with your diet, you can not exclude carbohydrate as it is equally important for you. 

 That's why one of IDEA SUCCESSFUL food tips for students is: watch out for trendy diets! It's okay to want to keep your body up-to-date during the test preparation period, but do so by choosing whole grains, without totally excluding carbohydrates, okay?


2. Take Some time to get used to

If you are a person who basically eats pizza, soda and french fries, it goes without saying that this story is going to have to change - if you are really willing to turn what you eat into fuel to improve your performance in studies.


Consuming foods rich in nutrients and vitamins improves the quality of sleep increases immunity, enhances the ability to memorize, makes you more willing and concentrated. 

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But if you are not used to this healthy life, your body may not understand and miss the opportunity as it should.


The ideal is to adopt some habits little by little. Besides being easier for you, it ensures that your little body understands the message.

Some of the examples are:

Between coffee, lunch and dinner with fruits, closing around 5 to 6 meals a day;

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day;

Avoid Hypoglycemia with intervals of up to 4 hours between meals. Hypoglycemia slows your thinking down!

3. Have a good breakfast

If you are close to the fitness world, you may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


It is true that in schools, colleges, and Coaching Institutes things changes and it is common to be late for classes, sometimes even leaving this moment aside. 

But  I suggest don't make it a habit, especially when you are preparing for any entrance examination.


Fruits, yogurt, sandwiches, omelet, and white cheese are some of the most suitable options for this moment. It is important to remember that this meal is largely responsible for the energy supply you will need throughout your day! So, investing in a coffee worthy before you start your study Marathon.


4. Prioritize real foods

Where do you usually study? In a public library, in the cram school, at school, or in a space dedicated to the school, college, or coaching Institute that you are looking at?

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I ask this question because I know that many students choose to study outside the home and, therefore, need to have lunch in restaurants or mess. If you are part of this team and are unable to take a packet, prioritize the places that sell Real food.


A dish made is very welcome, but the ideal is to focus on restaurants per kilo that allow balanced choices and according to your taste. Half of the dish should be served with greens and vegetables, and the other with rice, pulse or lentils.


5. Take hydration seriously

I already talked about the importance of water in some of my previous important post for How to do Effective study and I will talk again, because the liquid of life is a mandatory component to keep your body and mind healthy!


Remember that up there you had the precious tip about drinking at least 8 glasses a day? You can carry your bottle with you wherever you go. The correct thing to do is to take 4 to 5liters daily - and this is a matter of habit: if you don't already have it, there is always time to start. 

IDEA SUCCESSFUL suggest starting this habit right now.


6. Know the power of food

You may have noticed that our feeding tips for entrance exams are mainly about knowing the power of food, right? So invest in them!


I suggest eating fiber as much as possible! And the stress caused by the pressure of the upcoming test? Broccoli, oats, and spinach are excellent options to balance emotions, as they contain tryptophan, a component that helps maintain a good mood.


The banana is an excellent carbohydrate to give energy and stimulate well-being. Contrary to what many people think, passion fruit helps to prevent tiredness and, in addition, it can also combat stress! Isn't it surprising how delicious it can be to take care of our brain?


7. Don't fall into temptation

Okay, Tea or Coffee can be a partner in your studies, but excess should be avoided. Caffeine can really get in the way of rest and maintaining a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is essential for you to be able to concentrate.


Fast food should also be put out of the routine. I know that studying is tiring and sometimes all you want is to go to the counter or the drive, get a huge combo, and pass the fries on the ice cream. But should you be strong and not fall into temptation, combined?


The feeding tips for entrance exams are also indispensable for the day before and the day of the test. Make meals and your body a support team to succeed. Good luck on that journey!


Help your friends do well in the tests too! 

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