One of the most important steps to having everything you dream of is exactly knowing what you really want.


It seems a little strange to say that, but not knowing what you want is very common to happen.
What happens is that we are practically trained to follow a certain way of life because it is what is known as truth, it is what everyone thinks is the right thing to do.

Following this predetermined script, we ended up ignoring what we really want. Many people don't even know what their dreams are or what they want.
So, that is why having clarity is the first step to making all your dreams come true. Being clear about who you are, what you believe and what you want is the basis of any future achievement.

Discover what you want: Decide who you are

Many people don't even know who they are, did you?

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom."


I say this from experience. A year and a half ago, I suddenly stopped and realized that I didn't know anything about myself. I didn't know what I liked, what I didn't like, what I wanted or didn't want, I didn't know my values, what I believe in or what was important to me.

It is good you ask yourself what you like, what you don’t like.
Why keep accepting things whether asking yourself whether you want it or not?
Without knowing these simple but essential things, we end up being just a repetition of what is common sense in the world.

Find out

 who you are?

what you really like?

what you don't like?

what your values are?

what you wouldn't give up for anything?

which is not important to you?

 and start exercising who you really are?

Ask this every day everymoment until you get answer.

From that discovery, you will be able to make everything else make sense. Knowing who you are, you will also know what lifestyle suits you and what work is all about that life of your dreams.

Want a quick workout to start putting into practice? Make two lists, one of the things you like and one of the things you don't like. First things will come simple, but over time this list will start to become complex and complete and you will understand certain decisions that you have already made in life.
Then start putting your values on paper, such as honesty, freedom, perfectionism, security, stability, adventure, family. Compare your values, which is more important than the other (would you do something of dubious honesty for stability? Or is there nothing that deserves you to give up your honesty?).

Discover what you want: Decide what you want

The second step in this wonderful self-discovery that will change your life is to find out what you want.

What you want both in general and specifically in your life. 

Let's take an example;Do you want to have a family? 

Do you want to have your business?

 or have a steady job? 

Are you going to have children? 

Do you want to own a home? 

Do you want to live travelling the world?

Remember, there is nothing in this world that you need to do. 

Nothing is required. You are not required to have children and a family because everyone else does. You are also not required to own your own property because everyone does it. You are not even required to have a steady job.

You must be happy! To live your life the way you want it and the way that makes sense to you.

Specifically, decide what kind of work you want to have, what lifestyle you want, where you will live, if you will live somewhere fixedly, how you will make money.
If you are going to have a business, decide which one and how that business will fit into the lifestyle you want to have.
Don't worry, route changes can be made at any time and are much easier to handle when you know what you want.

Discover what you want:Decide what you don't want

This is a crucial point: you need to know what you don't want.

This is more important than knowing what you want because you will always want something. But what you don't want is more difficult, because you will probably only know when it happens to you or when you at least reflect on it.
For an example you will only know that you do not want to have children when you really stop to analyze this. Or you'll know that you don't want to have a steady job and a boss when you have one. Or you will know that you do not want to own a property when you discover that what you really want is to live travelling the world or to live in different countries every two years, whatever.

So it is essential to do the first two steps first.

Just as important and related to what you don't want is to know what you are willing to lose to get what you want.

Many people make certain decisions without reflecting on their consequences and end up losing things they did not want to lose.
For example, if your dream is to live travelling the world, you will probably lose contact with your family and friends. You will miss important moments, holidays and events.
So you need to reflect on what you are willing to lose to make your dreams come true. Suddenly you may find that you don't want to lose what you are likely to lose in order to get what you want and then you discover that your dream was not really a dream. 
It takes courage and determination to get rid of what you don't want and let go of what you are willing to lose to make dreams come true, but the effort is certainly rewarded for knowing that a goal has been achieved.

So, did you like it? 

Do you already know what you want? 

What are your dreams? 

What are you willing to lose to make this dream come true?

I hope either you have answer or soon you will get an answewr.

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