We all are seeker, right?

We all are searching for something, sometimes answer to some of our questions and sometimes questions for an answer we have in our mind, sometimes satisfaction and sometimes success  because we all are seeker, right?

Today I am going to tell you one secret about the ultimate satisfaction and ultimate success but at the same time I will urge you all don’t just read it, we all are science admirer then experiment it. Please experiment it once in your daily life apply this some of your actions and then tell me if it’s really true or not?

I did it and I am doing it that’s why I am sharing it with you.

And the secret is “Nishkam karma” means Karma that is action, free from all attachment, your action is done by you without thinking about result and outcomes, an action which was done just because needed to be done because it was part of our duty.

I have met several toppers of several years from several exams like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, and one most common thing I observed among them as they were not studying or preparing for exam because they have to be topper or they were studying thinking about selection but the truth is  they were studying just because they have to study it as part of their Duty and they were doing it every day every moment without thinking about outcomes that is they were doing their Nishkam karma.

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Truly written in “Bhagavad Gita “which we have to keep deep in our mind and heart and we have to follow it for success in what we are doing.
The exam is your battlefield and what you did a whole year, your preparation is your action so your preparation for your exam that is your action will have to be “Niskama karma” that is during your preparation never let the fear of result clinge you. You have to study and that is part of your duty which you have to do without thinking about any outcomes.
Now exams are approaching, several hours, days and years of preparation are going to be analysed in some hours in some sacred date and in this situation, it is very common that aspirant starts to worry about the end result, start to think about their selection, start thinking whether all my hard work will pay off? Start to think whether several hours of my hard work will make me successful? Start to think whether all the oil I burn at midnight will be fruitful? Start to think about, whether I will make my parent and friends proud? And numerous more thought like this which is irrelevant for Nishkam karma and will put you in the darkness of self-doubt, discouragement and because of which the confidence which you deserve for your exam after preparation of several hours start become dull.
So, just stop thinking about such irrelevant thought, stop expectation, stop attachment just believe yourself that you did your duty with all honesty and you will pass with flying colours.
Believe me, you will pass with flying colours, just do your duty.

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great sir......its really inspirational in this pandemic time.