Hello everyone,

We all know what the world is facing no one was expecting, no one ever imagined something like this could happen all of a sudden. But this is the reality, and it's up to us whether we accept it as CRISIS or CHALLENGE and we are facing this and the worst part is system and surrounding everything is filled with negativity now simply reading motivational quotes don’t motivate you anymore now you need something which can BOIL YOUR BLOOD.

It is very normal to lose hope, it is very normal to feel everything boring, It is very normal to feel nothing is happening nothing is changing, you have to wish to do something but your inner power is no more same.

But don’t forget time never stops, race is still going on and athletes (aspirant) are still running if you won’t then someone will win the race. you have to run, you have to keep  the fire within yourselves  you have to do this year  anyhow in any condition this is the promise you have to make yourself.

Exam for which you were preparing you put all your hard work you put all your effort into it and now you are fading away how you can accept it?  you are seeing  clearly what you are doing is not correct, you are seeing something is not going good still you are not doing what you need to do?

वह खून कहो किस मतलब का जिसमे उबाल का नाम नहीं

वह खून नहीं वह पानी है जिसमे जीवन न रवानी  है

(Read these lines loud twice and feel it)

Yes this is true that your exam is getting postponed but the BIGGER TRUTH than this is that one day it will happen and you have to face it in the same way as you were expecting but because of so many uncertainties you lose that hope but it will be in front of you one day.


This is the time to wake,

This is the time to stand,

 This is the time to keep yourself in front,

 This is time to take advantage of this adversity,

This is the time to see opportunity in front of you that you have more time for your exam preparation,

This is the time to fight yourself,

This is the time to burn the midnight oil,

This is the time to make your dream into reality,

This is the time to win the race,

This is the time yes this is the time and this is the time to put all your energy all your power in the same way as you were doing it a few days before.

I promise to help you in all possible manner do you promise to help yourself?