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Have you ever seen a Kite flying downwind?
Of course not, right?
They always fly against the wind. Though sometimes because of turbulence in the air Kite loses its tracks, loses its momentum for a while, but in the end, the kite manages to manoeuvre itself using its skills.
They are brave, they are enthusiastic, they are positive, they go ahead, facing each contrary wind as an opportunity to rise and grow. As if living and shining is the wisdom to see a lesson in every difficulty.
What amazing lesson they taught us?
In fact, everyone needs to learn fly Kite once, to understand that God gives immense sky because they are able to reach it just as it gives us dreams, projects, and desires when we have the means to achieve.
When things are against us, when circumstances are not favourable when things are not happening as per our expectation, when there is Challenge every moment then we have to remember KITE and remember how odds the situations are KITE made those situations in their favour and fly higher than before. Sky is the limit for those who have a strong will and strong determination to achieve their goal and remember harder the challenge is sturdy will result.
Thus we would understand, once and for all, those kites are like those successful people and companies who use adversity and crisis to rise to the heights.
Now we have to decide, whether C is for CRISIS or C is for CHALLENGE
As the beautiful day is born out of the intense dark night, as creativity is born out of anguish, as the solution is born out of problem, creativity, and innovation is born out of CRISIS. Let’s stop talking about CRISIS as in the middle of difficulty always lies opportunity.
It is somewhere in between some the crisis that inventions, discoveries, and some of the greatest strategies are born, and this is the truth that whoever overcomes the crisis, overcomes himself without being overcome. This is the time to see Opportunity amid this CRISIS, this is the time to stop talking about CRISIS and accept this as a CHALLENGE.
Without CRISIS there are no challenges and without challenges there will not be joy in life, without challenges, life is routine and we don’t realize, sooner or later life become a slow agony.
The real CRISIS is not the CRISIS globe is facing. The real CRISIS is the CRISIS of incompetence. The main drawback with people of the world is the hope of finding an easy solution. And these are those people who attribute their failures and shortages to the CRISIS, mistreats his own talent, and respects problems more than solutions.

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Let’s remember who we are, let’s remember our past and history when we fought several bigger CRISIS(Challenges) and emerge victorious several times, let’s remember our potential that man like JITAN RAM MANJHI can dig mountain, let’s remember our  virtue, let’s remember who we are, let’s believe in ourselves because believing others is easy but believing in yourself is the real challenge, let’s stop look at the problems because when we look too much to look at the problem we waste time and distance ourselves from our goals, let’s full our life with enthusiasm because Ralph Waldo Emerson once said Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, let’s accept this challenge.

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